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Nesco Gwk-57, 1.7-Liter Glass Water Kettle

Nesco Gwk-57, 1.7-Liter Glass Water Kettle

This electric kettle can quickly bring water to a rolling boil faster and more efficiently than a stovetop or microwave oven. To use, simply fill the kettle at the sink using the water-level indicator on either side to gauge how much, return the kettle to its 360-degree rotational power base, put it in and flip the switch to ON. In a matter of minutes hot water will be ready to use for anything from tea, hot cocoa, or instant coffee to hot cereal, instant soup, noodles to boxed macaroni and cheese, instant oatmeal and hot cereals, rice and even gelatin. The kettle provides a stay-cool handle, a drip-free pouring spout and a cordless design for graceful serving. Features include a cordless design for graceful serving, a maximum fill indicator, a concealed heating element, auto shut-off for safety, a removable water filter for easy cleaning. Great for in a kitchen, office or dorm room.

  • 57-ounce capacity
  • 360-degree swivel power base with cord storage
  • Removable, washable water filter
  • Stay-cool handle for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean

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