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CookDazzle® 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block

CookDazzle® 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block

This set contains: A fine cutlery set w/ 12 stainless steel, full tang knives, a pair of heavy duty kitchen scissors and a 10″x 5″ wood block for storage. Whether a professional or a home user, Culina’s CookDazzle Series 14-piece Knife and Wood block Set has everything you need and more to liberate your cooking skills! <>6 steak knives worthy of the most reputable steakhouse. Bring on the BBQ steak!
1 boning knife to remove the most stubborn bones out of both meat and fish
1 paring knife to slide right through vegetables and fruits smoothly allowing clean, even cut
1 bread knife with a generous serration for a precise cut into crunchy crust or soft loaf
1 kitchen knife pointed and extra sharp suited to utilitarian, all-purpose cutting
1 santoku hollow-ground, extra sharp for a clean, no-nonsense power cut
1 pair kitchen scissors outfitted with jar-opener notches
1 knife block (pine wood) to provide a protective, blade-friendly storage for the whole set. It is space-efficient and secure as it keeps prongs and sharp edges away from children’s reach and sight.

Fine cutlery, tough construction for long lasting use:

Full tang, stainless steel robust construction for heavy duty performance. Easily and efficiently cut, slice, chop, dice any food : cheese, meat (prime rib or fowl) fish, bread, vegetables including tough skinned ones. Bone removal is a breeze too!
Each blade is cut while still hot out of a single sheet of metal and contoured with strong, riveted handles for an ergonomic fit in the hand.
It also reduces risks of breaking off at the joint; a testament to the fine craftsmanship as our CookDazzle® set has a nice, feel in the hand.

The Culina CookDazzle® Series Knives and Block make a superior quality, classic set to match any high end tableware you own. An excellent gift idea for a wedding and many more occasions!

  • 14-piece Set includes: 12 fine cutlery kitchen and steak knives, 1 pair of heavy duty kitchen scissors, 1 pine wood knife storage
  • Full tang Stainless Steel blades, strong riveted handle contouring the steel. Superior craftsmanship for a long-lasting service
  • Elegant design yet tough construction to withstand rugged, utilitarian, daily use by professionals or at home
  • Pine wood construction block suited to heavy duty knife blades. Protects knives from accelerated dulling. Safe and space-efficient storage
  • 100% CookDazzle® Satisfaction Guarantee

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What customers say about CookDazzle® 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block?

  1. 35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Absolutely stunning!!!, May 1, 2015

    This review is from: CookDazzle® 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block
    I absolutely love everything about this knife set. It comes with 6 steak knives (that I desperately needed) and a variety of other larger knives, like a chef’s knife and bread knife, which is my favorite knife EVER. The handles are very comfortable and very sturdy, and the knives have a very nice weight to them and are very balanced. The set also comes with a really great pair of kitchen shears, which I personally feel every kitchen should have!

    These knives are very elegant looking and have beautiful ridges on the blade that I love. They are very easy to wash and have not had any issues with them rusting. They also come in a wooden block to keep them on your counter for easy access, or just to show them off because they are THAT gorgeous.

    They came packaged better than anything I have ever received before. Each knife was individually wrapped and even had safety tips on them so I didn’t have to worry about cutting myself when I opened the packages. You can tell the seller put a lot of thought into the packaging, which is extremely important when dealing with sharp utensils!

    I was blown away by the quality of this set, especially after seeing the amazing price they are being sold for. *I received these at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I would absolutely purchase these again, even to use as gifts!

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  2. 16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A nice starter set that can help you find and develop your own knife style, April 30, 2015
    I Do The Speed Limit (Down US Rt. 59) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: CookDazzle® 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block
    Not everyone can afford to start out buying fancy, expensive, top-quality knives, and this set is made for those first-time homemakers and folks on a budget. My five-star rating reflects my opinion of this set in relation to its price–which is not high. (Those of you who have already started to compile a set of quality blades need to quickly flip to another product page….. This is not a set for you.)

    But to find a starter set of eight serrated steak knives, several serrated kitchen utility knives, a solid straight edge chef’s blade, a pair of scissors, and a simple, lightweight knife block–for this price–is hard to do. And this set might be just what you are looking for.

    The sharpness of these blades won’t last long, and serrated blades are hard to sharpen. But by the time they dull, you should have a better understanding of what shape and size and length and weight you do want. And you can start to upgrade–slowly, but surely. You might like the light-weight feel of these handles, or maybe you will want to look for something heavier. You may find you like serrated blades or decide to switch to straight blades. At the very least, you will have a set of eight steak knives that you can always take out to the picnic table for a BBQ party. For as often as you use a bread knife, this one may last you for many years. Trying out the shapes and lengths of blades will clue you in to what kitchen utility knifes fit your needs the most and the least. And I think you will be surprised how well this set can work for you–and with you–as you upgrade piece by piece.

    There is a chef’s knife with a straight edge. That knife will be easier to sharpen. This set does not come with a sharpener and that might be your first add-on, because you do want to keep your chef’s blade sharp.

    The plain, unfinished pine knife block is not real heavy, but it is sturdy and decently balanced. Pine is a soft wood and you may find some dings in this block. You might even find some defects in the natural wood. I did. But the integrity of the block was not affected by small bruises and cracks in the wood. The laminated pieces on my block are tight.

    *I received a sample product from Cook Dazzle.

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  3. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Starter Set! Perfect for a Housewarming Gift!, May 4, 2015
    Amy Tucker (Maryland, USA) –

    This review is from: CookDazzle® 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block
    I think this 14 piece Knife Set with Block, by Cookdazzle is a great starter set. It would make a wonderful gift for a first home, or apartment. It comes with a great variety of knives and a nice wood block that even has drain holes at the bottom! Because the blades are serrated, they are going to be difficult to sharpen, and that’s why I think this is a really good set to find out what kind of knives you enjoy using. They have a nice weight to them, and you also get shears, which are great for cutting bone-in chicken. For the price, you can’t beat it! It’s hard to find this complete of a set of knives at this price range. They do have plastic handles, so don’t get them near the heat. I also think they would last a lot longer if you hand washed them instead of putting them in the dishwasher and dry them immediately. I received these at a great promotional price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and feedback. Overall, the number of knives you get, and the shears and block are a great deal for the price!
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